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Our Story

Welcome to the Lanes on 20

The Lanes on 20 - Our Story

Welcome to The Lanes. We are a locally owned and operated family business. We have roots into the bowling business in Wisconsin going back to 1958, when our Dad, Norbert, assisted in the opening of Bluemound Bowl in Brookfield and was there until the early 70’s, when he purchased Marathon Lanes in Union Grove. Before and during that time, Dad was one of the better bowlers in the state. Having bowled with many of the state’s best including Dennis Wright, Russ Gersonde, Harvey Kuenn, (that’s right, he was a really good bowler too) among others that are in the Wisconsin State Bowling Hall of Fame. Dad has 300 rings from when they were made of gold and averaged over 200 in multiple locations, when that wasn’t quite as easy.

During that time Norb and his wife Beverly raised a family in and around the bowling industry. Seven kids to be exact, that all, at one time or another worked their way through the ranks of a family bowling center. We as a family have been involved in the bowling industry for many, many years. Now after spending the last 20 plus years owning and operating the Plaza Bowling Center in Racine, we as a family, have taken on the opportunity to own and operate what was formerly Paradise West and are now calling The Lanes.

We hope you will find The Lanes to be a unique family bowling center. Combining many elements of a traditional bowling center as well as many new options that are available in today’s modern bowling centers. You will find someone from the family at The Lanes at almost every hour we are open. You may find John, Gregg, or their wives Karen or Jackie there. Or you may find one of Norb's Grandchildren working there, Jordon or Kevin. Could even be that one of the Great Grandchildren could be working there. One way or the other, you almost always will find family and people that truly care here at The Lanes.